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Today I want to talk about a Book Trailer tool in my Other Toolbox. We often talk about a writer’s toolbox. That’s not the one I mean. I mean the other one.
In my Other Toolbox I have tools for backups, videos and things not directly related to writing.  A while back I did a post on creating a book trailer using Power Point. That worked out pretty well for me. I wanted to keep on experimenting, though.


I like some of the things you find on Fiverr. That’s an interesting website where you find people from all over the world, offering to do odd things for five dollars. You may not want to pay some girl to write your book name on her forehead (a pretty common gig), but you may indeed be interested in what is available for book trailers.
At the Fiverr website, type “trailer” in the search box. At the time of this writing, that search returns 525 results. Those results are broadly broken down into three categories

  • Video trailers
  • Voice-overs
  • Other stuff

I was interested in video trailers.

Since we want to see what we’re maybe buying, I only looked at the ones like this one, with a clickable play button.

Most of the available trailers come complete with accompanying music. Mine did. You are welcome to get one without sound, but you’ll want to supply your own if you do. Trailers have to sound good, as well as look good.
The whole idea of Fiverr is that you get value for five dollars. They call that a “gig.” Often you’ll be offered extras that are not included in the five dollar price. For instance, you may be able to double the length of a fifteen-second trailer to thirty seconds by buying an extra gig. So that brings you up to ten dollars. Perhaps you want it done in one day, instead of three. The terms will spell out the details.
When I bought mine, I offered (because my Malaysian seller had not specified) an extra $5 if he would deliver in one day. He was happy with that, and so was I.
What you will typically have to do is provide your own text. In my case, the trailer offered had eleven text spots.  I watched the sample video, thought about how I’d like it to look, and came up with these lines:

  1. Not Every Romance
  2. Is Made In Heaven
  3. Not When She Wants
  4. Your Husband
  5. Your Children
  6. And Your Life.
  8. By John Faubion
  9. Coming in February 2014
  10. From Howard Books
  11. FRIEND ME: Don’t Miss It

The lines of text you choose have to be able to reasonably fit on the screen. Again, watch the sample trailer video. Maybe you could count the number of words in the sample texts if you have any doubts about whether yours would fit or not. Whatever you send the seller, that’s what he’s going to put in there. If it doesn’t look right it will be your fault, not his. Let’s be reasonable about what we expect for five dollars!

Everyone worries about paying for things online. I’m pretty comfortable with the payment scheme on Fiverr. You pay up front when you place your order. They use PayPal, which is a very secure system. The seller doesn’t get his money until you receive your order from him, and acknowledge that it arrive. All in all, very fair. They’ve done a good job with this.
I’ve provided two links below. One is for the video trailer as it looked when I received it. The second is the video trailer after I had fixed it up a bit. I’ll talk about how that was done in another post.
I look forward to your comments!

The Original Version

The Final Version



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