Virtual Person Reads Aloud

A Virtual Person reads the first chapter of Friend Me, a psycho-suspense novel.
Turn your speakers on, or you won’t hear anything!

I’m coming home from college for Thanksgiving holiday. The bus ride has been so long, and the bus is so crowded. Why do the strange people all sit by me? Why do they keep staring at me?
We’re on the outskirts of town. I have a window seat, and I use my sleeve to wipe something oily from the surface of the glass so I can see outside. This bus is going to pass my street on its way downtown. I wish the driver would stop and let me off. I see my house flash by as we pass the street. Why does it look so gray and empty?
We’re downtown in the bus station. All the people are hollow. None of them see me. I am waiting but no one comes for me.
After a long time, a big taxi drives up to the bench inside the station where I am sitting. I know there’s something wrong with the taxi being inside the building but I don’t remember what it is. A gray man with empty eyes like cardboard sits in the driver’s seat. He doesn’t move or speak to me, but I know he wants me to get inside.