The Character Builder

Would you like to build a character for the next Great American Suspense Novel?

  • When you think of Lee Child’s novels, you think of Jack Reacher.
  • When you think about Tom Clancy, you remember Jack Ryan.
  • And Moby Dick? You bet — Captain Ahab.
I’m looking for new characters for an upcoming novel, THE NEXT MAN.
Get ready for a powerful thriller about the existence of a super-man. Not the product of evolution. This one rises from occult powers.
How can a simple child of God fight against an enemy who’s more than human?
  • Have you ever wished you could give an author input as to what his characters should be like?
  • Maybe you have a great idea for a Protagonist (hero), an Antagonist (enemy) or a supporting character. Here’s your chance to tell me what you think.
  • If your idea is used, you’ll not only receive a free copy of the book, but you will receive credit in the book when it’s published!

Notice. If you submit an idea, you agree that you will receive no remuneration for your submission, even if your idea is used. What you may receive will include:

  1. A free copy of the book in which your idea is used.
  2. Credit, in the form of a thank-you with your name.
  3. Fifteen glorious minutes in the sun, when you tell your friends and family someone used your idea in a book!