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I got a question a couple of days ago asking what my writing desk looked like. That’s a pretty good question, because I have two desks in my office. One is for the day-to-day finances, emailing, music, and all the rest.

The other one is my writing desk. I planned it with the idea of getting away from distractions. It’s on the opposite wall from my other desk, so I turn the speakers off on that one. That way I won’t be distracted by email beeps, and all the rest. And yes, I turn off the music too. I find I need as much silence as possible. Probably indicates I’m easily distracted!

So I took a picture of my writing desk, the one with no distractions. As I looked at the picture I wondered what I’d been thinking! No distractions? I had to be kidding myself.

However, if you’re one of my readers (and I hope that you are!), I’m presenting the picture for you here. Feel free to get a little view into my head, and the things that interest me. The stuff I’m interested in.

Click to see the image full-size.
My Writing Desk - Labeled for Your Convenience

I’ve got a 1949 Packard Deluxe Eight sedan. I bought it in 2006, rusted, gutted and not running. I worked on it pretty hard for a few summers, and now it’s a fun car to drive.

I use Scrivener for my writing. It’s a wonderful software product, and you can take that from a guy that writes software for a living (me).

I love Bluetooth stuff, so I use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Also a headset, but that’s not in the picture.

The Mossberg 300 is a great shotgun for home defense. There’s a box of 12-gauge shells for it.

The fake security camera is looking for opportunities. It doesn’t take pictures, but it does follow you around with a blinking red light, and runs on two AA batteries.

I built an airplane from a kit, which I flew happily for six years. Loved flying that thing. I finally sold it to a brain surgeon (yes, I really did) because fuel got so expensive. Maybe someday I’ll build another one.

My day job never goes away, so I have a dedicated laptop for that under the Toshiba I use for writing.

My kids (their ages range from sixteen to forty-four) and my wife are what keep me going. I’ve got stuff all over from them.

And lastly, you can see real work taking place. That is, when I’m not distracted.



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  1. Rita says:

    Just got the download for your book, so you can thank me for that 31 cents you just made. 😉

    Fascinating read so far but I’m afraid it’s not going to help me cure my insomnia, dang it. Hope I don’t stay up all night reading it, I want to save it for the beach while we’re spending the winter in sunny Florida.

    Yes, I’m still as mean as a snake.

  2. France says:

    Ԍood article. I certainly love this site. Thanks!

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